Improve Your Sports Performance through Your Superlinks Learning Style


 Did you know you can improve your performance in any sport by knowing and using your Superlinks learning and brain style?

Football players, golfers, baseball players, basketball players, and soccer players have accelerated their ability to improve their skills by learning in their best Superlinks learning and brain style.

For example, a university football team that never had a winning season assessed each of the football players for their Superlinks learning and brain style on  Each coach was also assessed. When each coach matched the teaching of the football playbook to each athlete’s best way of learning, the team had their first winning season (and the coach kept his job!)

To find out how this works, check out the new book, The Power of Mental Golf, co-written by past LPGA president, Kerry R. Graham, and Ricki Linksman, founder-director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute, to see how using your Superlinks learning and brain style can improve your golf game. The same techniques can be used with any sport.

The players also applied the same technique to learn sports to learn their academic subjects in school such as for reading comprehension, test-taking, or study skills for English, science, social studies, reading literature, writing, and other elective subjects and improve their grades, test scores, and performance.

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