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End your frustration by helping your child go from ADHD or ADD to A’s in the shortest possible time. Don’t spend another day fearful and worried about how your child who is kinesthetic or has ADHD or ADD will succeed in school, career, or life.

In this ground-breaking book, accelerated learning and reading expert Ricki Linksman shares with you the little-known brain-based secrets on how to use their need for activity to achieve “A” grades in school and improve reading levels and test scores.

Join countless relieved, happy parents who have enjoyed these easy, fun-filled movement and game activities to focus their children’s attention and concentration on learning. Help your child of any age (pre-K-12 or college) use his or her brain’s fastest way of learning to improve in memory, reading comprehension, phonics, study and test-taking skills to master any subject. Studies have proven that schools that used these award-winning techniques raised students’ reading levels on average from two to five grades levels above their age in less than a school year.

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“My child has made tremendous gains in a short time. His self-esteem has risen dramatically.”
-A.P, Parent, Naperville

“My 10th grade son went from grades of ‘F’s” and ‘D’s’ to ‘A’s’ in 4 weeks. His study skills, comprehension, and memory has improved tremendously.”
-Parent, Westmont

“In 6 months, my 4th grade child, who was reading 3 years below level, came up to grade level and is doing well in school.”
-Parent, Lisle

“I have learned so much about how to help my son and about learning styles in general. I have to say that the frustration level when doing homework or reading has gone down dramatically.
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How to Learn Anything Quickly: Quick, Easy Tips to Improve Memory, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Brain’s Fastest Superlinks Learning Style


How to Learn Anything QuicklyDiscover the secrets to unlock your brain’s powerful memory and comprehension to quickly learn and master any subject and remember everything you read.

How to Learn Anything Quickly: Quick, Easy Tips to Improve Memory, Reading Comprehension, Test-Taking Skills, and Learning through the Brain’s Fastest Superlinks Learning Style by Ricki Linksman

Everyone remembers and comprehends differently. What works for one person may not work for you. While many memory techniques are available today, this has proven by studies to be the best, fastest, and most effective because it is based on how YOUR brain learns and remembers best.

This landmark self-help book filled with practical exercises and activities will dramatically change your life and how you learn! Learn the secrets that match how your brain learns to remember entire book chapters or study guides.

Tap into your brain’s energy powers to succeed in the competitive job market. Parents and teachers can use these techniques to help their children, teens, or students. Use these fast, easy, and powerful strategies to increase your memory, improve test-taking skills and reading comprehension to comprehend and recall everything you read and learn for rapid success for your school, job, or career.

Ricki Linksman, one of the world’s leading experts and author of books on accelerated learning, memory, and reading comprehension, and director of Nationall Reading Diagnostics Institute & Keys Learning, shows how to use your brain’s unique Superlinks learning style and brain style to increase your memory and improve comprehension quickly. These powerful techniques, proven for over 35 years, can help anyone become a top student and worker in the shortest possible time.