Welcome to National Reading Diagnostics Institute and Keys Learning, headquartered in Naperville, Illinois. Founded and directed by Ricki Linksman, we specialize in reading diagnostic testing and learning style/brain style testing (pre-K, K-12, college, and adult) to help each child or teen raise reading levels, grades, and test scores to reach grade level and beyond in reading and learning in the shortest possible time.

Our average gains are 88-99% of students raise an average of two to five grade levels above their grade level within a few months.

We help students K-12 excel and become top students rapidly, whether they are in regular ed, special ed, gifted, bi-lingual, or remedial reading programs, or have ADHD or ADD or dyslexia.

Two Easy Steps to Your Child’s Success:

Step 1: We diagnosing your child or teen’s reading and their fastest way of learning and provide an individual prescriptive plan on how to solve his or her problem or attain the parents’ and student’s goal in the shortest time.

Step 2: We also offer caring, one-on-one private coaching/tutoring or small personalized group classes to teach your child the needed skills in his or her best learning style and brain style. Through our parent-child sessions for K-8, or private sessions for high school (parents are invited to the sessions with their teens also, if they wish), we help students reach success rapidly. In each session we teach you and your child how to learn in his or her own style so that after reaching their goals with us, they can continue to learn independently as top students for the rest of their lives with the methods they learned from us.

Our award-winning proven methods are recognized throughout the world. Public and private schools throughout the United States and other countries have used the techniques taught by founder-director, Ricki Linksman, to take failing schools to superior schools to meet their state standards in reading within less than a school year.

Besides the live testing and tutoring/coaching in Naperville & Lisle Illinois, in the western suburbs of Chicago, we offer parents and teachers numerous resources, such as books, eBooks, and two world-renowned Internet reading and learning programs: Keys to Reading Success, and the Superlinks to Accelerated Learning test and assessment.

Call for an appointment to find out how to end your frustration so you can help your child or teen reach his or her maximum potential, raise self-esteem, and motivation starting today at: (630) 717-4221, email: info@keyslearning.com; or visit our specialized websites: readinginstruction.com; keystoreadingsuccess.com; and superlinkslearning.com for our variety of resources for parents and teachers.

Two NRDI Locations:

  • 1755 Park St., Ste. 200, Naperville, IL 60563
  • 650 Warrenville Rd., Ste. 100, Lisle, IL 60532

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